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The interactive digital display does MUCH more than just bluetooth to show phone calls and messages like my OEM. They are expensive and getting hard to find.
  • Made to deliver more information and increased connectivity in the cab of your side-by-side, the Polaris Interactive Digital Display 2.0 is packed with new features that make it one of the best accessories for updating your Polaris RZR.

    The best features of the display begin with the GPS connectivity that pulls your vehicles location, elevation, longitude, and more in order to deliver precise bearings and route tracking. Bluetooth connectivity is built into the display as well, letting you wirelessly connect your device/phone for music streaming and checking missed calls/texts without having to pull out your phone.

    Polaris takes their Interactive Digital Display beyond entertainment by integrating a host of informational and diagnostic functions as well. The display can be customized to show your machine’s fuel level, rpm, coolant temp, and a list of other crucial information that’s handy to have at a glance. The display goes further still by adding the capability to pull up fault codes your machine puts out along with a list of suggested fixes. It’s a surprising amount of features for such a sleek package, and since it has a fairly straightforward installation process, it’s a good accessory for all kinds of riders.

  • Control of Bluetooth audio media streaming with track and artist display
  • Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth™ display text message and missed call indicator, phone battery life and cell signal strength
  • Backup camera display (requires reverse camera part #160390 sold separately)
  • Automatic day/night brightness changes based on time of day and day of year
  • Includes installation instructions

    GPS & Mapping
  • Distance to a selected waypoint shown on the map screen
  • Course up arrow option with rotating background map now available
  • Exporting capabilities for created tracks and waypoints from the display to USB device
  • GPS Connectivity offers exact location information including elevation, latitude/longitude, compass bearings, as well as recording your route so you can find trails again

    Diagnostics & Information
  • Riding screen with increased visibility to important diagnostics, gear indicator enlarges on gear change, 4.3" high-resolution, full-color, LCD digital display
  • Diagnostics screen displays vehicle fault codes, descriptions and suggested actions to resolve issues
  • Vehicle Immobilizer and security function allow you to lock your vehicle with a passcode
  • Display shows the following information:
    -Coolant temperature
    -Battery voltage
    -Warnings icons bar
    -Real-time clock
    -Gear position
    -Odometer trip meter
    -4x4 indicator
    -Fuel level
    -Smartphone icon bar

    NOTE: requires machine specific install kit part #152285
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