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I called around to a few dealers. Some were aware of the brake switch issue, some weren’t. I even heard one story of the new sleds burning to the ground for some unknown reason. In the end I picked a dealer that was close to me (only 1 1/2hr away) and of course they had to special order the part. Still waiting for said part to arrive so I can load it up and take it in. Meanwhile, I took the family fourwheelin on New Year’s Day and left our brand new machine in the garage and rode our older vehicles. Still can’t believe it. I completed the new vehicle Polaris survey and told the story but haven’t heard from them either. I’m still livid over the whole thing.
Wow. That’s good ammo to have. I’m going to use these posts to try and get my money back for that switch I bought. Just took mine in for a recall as well. You probably got a letter about that as well. Quick fix I heard for a harness routing issue so we’ll see.
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