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Brand New 2022 570 Touring Hard Shift and Creeps in Gear

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Hello all, new here.. First post actually. I have a 2019 450 Sportsman with 1500Miles on it and I just picked up a 2022 570 Touring EPS.. My issue is, it is hard to shift when its running and creeps alil when I put into gear. The dealer is trying to tell me its just breaking in, and to just ride it for a few hours.. But I know this isn't right. My 19 shifts like butter and has never done this, and I don't want to break something on this brand new machine. Because then it'll end up being my fault somehow. I know it probably has something to do with the clutches and/or premature belt engagement. I can't see the primary bearing or clutch being bad from the factory? Maybe misaligned from factory? Not sure if it uses spacers for alignment? Anyone else had this on a brand new machine? Unit has 5 miles on it..

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Thanks. Been creeping for a couple years but never had a reason to post due to my 450 being pretty rock solid!
Hi, yes your new machine should not be hard to shift or creeping. That is definitely wrong, and yes it’s a problem with the clutches, maybe clutch alignment or something else causing the primary to spin the secondary at idle. Your dealer is feeding you chit about it needing “break in time”.
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Well I got it back this evening believe it or not. They took two washers/shims out of the secondary.. I drove it a couple miles with several stops and shifts.. All seems well!
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