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Brand New 2022 570 Touring Hard Shift and Creeps in Gear

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Hello all, new here.. First post actually. I have a 2019 450 Sportsman with 1500Miles on it and I just picked up a 2022 570 Touring EPS.. My issue is, it is hard to shift when its running and creeps alil when I put into gear. The dealer is trying to tell me its just breaking in, and to just ride it for a few hours.. But I know this isn't right. My 19 shifts like butter and has never done this, and I don't want to break something on this brand new machine. Because then it'll end up being my fault somehow. I know it probably has something to do with the clutches and/or premature belt engagement. I can't see the primary bearing or clutch being bad from the factory? Maybe misaligned from factory? Not sure if it uses spacers for alignment? Anyone else had this on a brand new machine? Unit has 5 miles on it..

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I hate that when they tell you the clutches and one way need time to "Break in" If they need to be broken in, they already need fixed.

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