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Hello all, I'm new and wish I could offer advice, but alas I need help instead. If you need help with guitars I can help though.

My 2000 Xplorer 250 was feeling very sluggish one day and I didn't think it was going to get me out of the woods, and it didn't. While hurrying home with it, it made a noise and then the sound of air winding down as it slowed down. A descending Phssssssssssssssssssssssss sound was made as it came to a slow stop. My mind immediately went to a blown head or base gasket and that sound was the air escaping as it slowly came to a stop. Or piston rings. I just did a compression test and have only 85 psi. I plan on disassembling the upper end and hope that if I replace the head and base gasket, new rings and piston if it seems damaged, that I will be good to go. Before I do this though I was hoping for any thoughts or advice that I may be over looking. Does it sound like there is any chance my problem could be worse, like in the bottom end???

One more thing, when I was taken off the gas tank and such to do the compression test, I noticed a large plastic air box type vent that went from a wide open end under the gas tank to the left side of the lower end. this obviously just allows air to vent to this lower end, but why? It was pretty plugged up with grass at its opening.

Help please!!
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