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Hi all,
I am new to the forum and could use some help. I have a 96 425 Magnum which has been pretty much problem free since I bought it new. It recently (and fairly suddenly) developed a problem with flooding to the point that it would barely run. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb and now the bike idles fine and has great low end power but loses power on the high end. The strange thing is that when I replace the airbox (open and without the filter) the engine loses almost all power and barely runs. Can anyone explain why this slight change in air intake flow would make such a dramatic difference in performance? As far as the sluggish top end I did notice that the original metering rod was tapered and I replaced it with the new one from the kit which was not and I also was not sure how to determine which groove to set the c-clip in. The airbox phenomenon has really got me baffled and I am anxious to hear if anyone else has experienced this.
Thanks in advance,
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