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While I'm on here, i have a shop manual (with poor photos) but just curious since talk is cheap.

I need to remove the carburetor from a 95 or 96 Magnum 425 in order to clean it. What's the trick to disconnecting the throttle and starter valve cables from the carburetor? It's a bit different than my Xplorer 300 which goes in from the top (at least the throttle cable).

I *think* the four screws that hold the top cover off the carb need to be removed. Mine are seized so I'm either going to have to either take a pair of small vice grips and unscrew them that way or grind the heads off with a Dremel tool and remove the remains that way. I sprayed them with some PB Blaster.

Once this cover is removed, I'm thinking the throttle cable should slip off a pulley or something since it goes in from the side.

For the starter valve, there is a black cover on the left hand size. If I remove this plate, is that what gains access to the end of the starter valve?

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I find it easiest to get the carb off the machine and remove the cables afterwords. Throttle cable does go around a lever under the cover on the side. You will see what it takes to get it apart once you get inside. And the choke cable is tough to get off. It needs a 1/2 wrench but there isn't enough room to get one in there. I modified an open end wrench to fit, and someone else showed me a flare nut wrench he had modified to fit.

All the screws on the covers seem to stick and the phillips head will strip out trying to get them off. Usually I can get a small needle nose vice grip on them to get them loose. Then replace them with the same size stainless steel allen head screw. I think 4mm X 10mm fits it. Take one with you to the hardware store and match it as close as you can.
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