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Clutch Kit's.

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What would a clutch kit do for me?

Not sure what there all about. What are there purpose?

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Dirty Dawg Dale can answer that one for you!
my knowledge is basic but i will take a stab at this. if you have stock tires and are riding in "light"terrain areas then you probably dont need to waste your money on a clutch kit.
i believe the main thing a clutch kit provides is a stiffer clutch spring. if you are running oversized tires, or slippery areas, (ie mud and sand) or really rough terrain (large rocks) then a clutch kit would probably help reduce belt slip, reduce overheating, and possibly a noticable gain in low-end torque. it makes everything just a little more "beefy" when it comes to the clutches, but is possibly a waste of money depending on riding location, style, and tire size
most of your quads today are good to go clutch wise when left stock.the big and heavy mud tires call for a clutch kit installed by a good tech who knows clutching.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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