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Clutch performance questions

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I have a sportsman 335 and the power was a little low for me so i recently threw n a jet kit and a k&n air filter but now it seems like the engine is to powerful so the clutch cant grip the belt well enough and it just slips. I was just wondering if there was any cheap/easy way to get the clutch to pinch the belt better and prevent it from slipping. Iv read about clutch kits but i really don't want to spend the extra cash right now. any ideas?
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thanks for the reply,

so in general what springs do what? would a change of weights make a difference?
thanks a lot,
i think what im gonna do is throw in a tighter secondary spring because that will keep the belt tight and prevent slip correct? plus im really not looking for increases in shift speed, but simply all the power from my engine getting to the ground effectively.
would that contribute to the belt slipping?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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