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Clutch performance questions

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I have a sportsman 335 and the power was a little low for me so i recently threw n a jet kit and a k&n air filter but now it seems like the engine is to powerful so the clutch cant grip the belt well enough and it just slips. I was just wondering if there was any cheap/easy way to get the clutch to pinch the belt better and prevent it from slipping. Iv read about clutch kits but i really don't want to spend the extra cash right now. any ideas?
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clutch kit is the only way to get the clutch to engage better. You can get out cheaper by just purchasing a primary spring or adding shims. I don't know what springs or part numbers for your atv though. Just giving you some ideas/options.
Basically, a stiffer spring in the primary, will raise your engagement RPM's. A stiffer spring in the secondary, will allow your belt to stay tighter all the time, and help prevent belt slippage. Weights affect the rate at which the clutch shifts. Lighter weights in the primary will allow your clutch to spin easier, while heavier weights will make the clutch open faster, for a quicker acceleration. So, stiffer springs and lighter weights basically equal more RPMs while lighter springs and heavier weights equal less RPMs. You can either buy multiple parts individually and play with the engagement yourself, or just call Adam at Quadshop Customs and let him send you the optimal setup for your tire size and riding style.
All three work together to give you the best engagement and smoothest shifting throughout the power band. Just changing out the spring will change the way the clutch acts, but does not mean that it is being efficient. In my opinion/experience, I would never do just one part of the clutch. If you call and speak with Adam at Quadshop customs, he will most likely tell you the same. He can most likely set you up with both springs and weights for around $200 shipped. So, if you want the most efficient power to ground, call QSC.
Here is a good little vid, showing how the components of the cvt work together.

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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