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I wish you Colorado atv clubs would make a video descending Black Bear Pass from top to bottom on a club ride and put it on youtube. I never see any on atv's, just jeeps and stuff.
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It's a one way trail. Once you get to the bottom, you have no way to get back to where you staged unless you have someone waiting to give you a ride back. You can ride to the point where you are overlooking Telluride, but once you start down there's no way back.
This is true, once you hit the decent (famous)part of the trail it drops you on to main street and to get to back to the trail head you have about 45 minutes of highway driving back around thru Ouray, or in my my case in my Samurai closer to an hour. Black Bear isn't what it used to be they have widened it and cut a lot of the shelfs out. If you have a shorter wheelbase vehicle with lots of suspension travel its a site seeing tour, my last trip down it I did it in 2wheel drive. But with that said there is no other site like it in the US. They call it the Swiss Alps of the Rockies and it is amazingly beautiful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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