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Colorado - South Dakota 2022 Picture Thread

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Trip dates July 18 through July 31, 2022

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Check back after July 19 for updates!
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So going for 2 weeks this year presents a challenge of keeping food Frozen that long. Temperature in SD may be 80's-90's the first week. I have two new 65 quart Arctic coolers but dry ice is $19.95 for a piece that's 2" high 5" deep and 10" long. Dry ice guy said at least 10-12 pieces minimum for 2 weeks. So went to the store and came home with a 5.0 cf Frigidaire chest freezer for $129. My F-150 has the built in 120 volt inverter and the freezer only draws 1.5 amps and fits in the cab in the back seat area sideways easily. I have a 2250 watt portable inverter generator or 2 batteries to run a inverter to power the freezer when at destination. Only taking one of my artic coolers for a refrigerator and I will be able to cycle and recycle one gallon bottles from the freezer into the cooler and back to freezer and repeat to keep the refrigerator cooler cold. I will not have to buy any $8.50 a bag ice. Problem of keeping food frozen solved.

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55 amp battery charger
I can't wait for the report back on this. I hope it works out great !
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I'm just going to tease everybody with a couple pictures here and there I'll give you the big dump once I get home!
I'm gonna go ahead and take the liberty to speak for everyone on this forum - None of us want a big dump from you. We all take our own 🤭 🤭 🤭
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I have a Garmin GPS map 276 cx, but all that data I posted comes from an awesome app called GAIA. It cost $24.99 for a yearly subscription but it is an awesome GPS navigation map tool. You're run it on your phone.
I lose signal most of the time where I ride so many m not sure that would work for me. I can’t use Polaris Ride Command on my phone because of that same issue.
Admittedly I am a complete moron when it comes to GPS's and what or how to download things to mine. I use a Garmin 64ST because I'm mostly on my dirt bike riding the trails why my daughter and anyone else with us are on the Sportsman's. I only have limited room for my GPS.

I'm probably doing everything wrong!
Ok..... How good do you think this frozen drumstick ice cream cone was when we got back to tent base camp after a 94.3 mile day and 90 degree temperature today.

Just in case anyone is still wondering how the chest freezer is working out!!

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I'm gonna need a few of them sent to me to verify otherwise this is all CNN fake news!
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@pcaster , you're not getting any of my elk bacon, or my venison burritos, or my bear barbecue. Only way it's available is if you put on your big boy pants spend a little money on gas and come along with the cool kids camping and ATV riding
OMG, You have a wild game smorgasbord!!! That is freakin AWESOME!! Hopefully if the Biden gas is down next year I will join in on the reindeer games with you. That trip looks like a lot of fun. I'm sittin here all jelly now that I didn't go.
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@pcaster, it's too bad that you didn't enroll in the two field classes I offered this week and next week because I am very very good and handy with a GPS and phone mapping apps.
I looked into the GAIA maps and it doesn't show any more than my GPS does trail wise. I went into my Polaris Ride Command app on my phone and I was able to map/route out a trip I want to take next time I go riding. I have no idea how to transfer that data to my GPS. I was able to e-mail myself the data. I think GPS's could be a lot more user friendly. I like to think I have at least half a brain but not when it comes to a GPS!
Slap some saddles on em' and ride em'!! They know where the really good trails are anyway!!
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