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Common Carb Issues

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Just trying to get a list of common carb issues for a 2002 TB.

From what I was able to get from the parts guy from the dealer was the following.

- The needle and seat was a common part to wear out which hinders the carbs ability to prevent fuel from back-flowing out and getting into the air cleaner.

- The pilot jet. Mentioned that it can be cleaned but at $6 it is not a bad idea to replace it.

I am currently trying to resolve a car issue I have right now and would love the feedback.

Please let me know of any other common carb issues. Once I get a bunch of isses I can post the issues and cause.
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Did you find a replacement carb?

Just checking to see if you found a suitable replacement carb? I have a 96 magnum 425 and might need a carb as well.



Doe anybody have any swap or replacement carb info?
Dealer wants $481.
I've got broken parts in my carb and would rather buy a new and repair mi e for a spare.
From searching i've only found this style carb on polaris and maybe triumph.
The Mikuni TM series I think look similar but havent seen one up close to see linkage etc..

Factory is 34mm I think for my 95 magnum 425cc, I wouldnt mind stepping up to a 36mm either.
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