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Common Carb Issues

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Just trying to get a list of common carb issues for a 2002 TB.

From what I was able to get from the parts guy from the dealer was the following.

- The needle and seat was a common part to wear out which hinders the carbs ability to prevent fuel from back-flowing out and getting into the air cleaner.

- The pilot jet. Mentioned that it can be cleaned but at $6 it is not a bad idea to replace it.

I am currently trying to resolve a car issue I have right now and would love the feedback.

Please let me know of any other common carb issues. Once I get a bunch of isses I can post the issues and cause.
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Just about going nuts here! Help.

I have recently rebuilt my 2005 Sportsman 700 and redid the carb as well, all stock.
I can get the engine to start and run but need choke and to feather throttle. Runs nice however high rpm when I do this. If I let off the throttle at all it stalls. If while revving push in the choke it backfires very harshly out the exhaust and then stalls. My first thoughts were pilot screw circuit blocked, so apart the carb came and clean again making sure that the idle circuit was spotless. Float height checked. Adjusted pilot screw to 2.5 turns out from lightly seated and in went the carb. Well nothing changed to how it ran. It runs the same with air box on or off. Checked exhaust pipe and had installed new donuts too. Idle screw not turned in very much at all as it appeared not to have any effect right now anyhow.
What am I missing?
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