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I have a trailboss 325 and in neutral and reverse it revs up like it should, but once I put it in drive it only goes like 20 mph. I put a new primary clutch on it and I put new buttons in the secondary. Don’t know the problem.
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Ok I will do that tomorrow morning
I have a video of what it is doing. I don’t know how to upload it on here. I have messed with the carb but nothing has changed.
Upload the video to VIMEO or last choice youtube and post the like on here
Here is the video it is smoking because of the oil I put in it.
Is that all the power its got? are you restricted from going full throttle? you should be able to get the front wheels to popup on the 325.. .Really need wet/dry numbers! It not a clutch belt issue!
That was full throttle. Does anyone know what is wrong with it?
I can't say that I know what's wrong with it as I am not working on it, but if I were working on it, I would be inspecting #1) clogged exhaust, #2) lift on the camshaft (possibly a bad lobe and rocker arm causing low valve lift limiting speed), #3) compression and cylinder pressurization - it appeared in the vid that the engine was not revving fully - if the engine is revving higher than it sounded like, then look at the clutches and belt. I would not suspect a problem in the intake system (other than a bad cam) as the engine sounded to me as though it was not blubbering (rich condition) or surging (lean condition). It will be interesting to know what your mechanic discovers as the problem as it might be ignition and none of the above, but I do not suspect ignition at this time.
Ok, I will let you guys know what the problem is if I figure it out. I will pull the motor and inspect it cautiously.
This is what the motor looks like. Do you guys see anything wrong with it because I think it looks pretty good.
I see a worn out cam and cylinder head
What makes them warn out? I don’t know I am just wondering because they looked fine.
The cam journals are scored - a second look I see a valve adjuster tappet screw missing - did you remove it?
the piston dont look great some wear on the skirt
Ok. What are some good websites I can get a cam and a piston from? That are not too expensive.
41 - 56 of 56 Posts
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