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cv joint question.

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I have reciently replaced my rear outer boot.When taking my axle out my freind that previosly owned my machine said just give a good pull and the axle will come out of the rear diff. I had it up on my center lift when I was pulling and poped the joint apart instead when pulling.The whole machine was moving. I remove the boot and joint leaving the basket in the rear replaced my outer boot and reasembled my inner joint.Took a good hit on the end of axle to get it to pop back in.All together and working fine.Has this happened to anyone else.I dont think I pulled hard enough first then I was worried about tearing the inner boot.
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I have done that before.I'm sure its happened to several people.
i havent done that. i always used 2 pry bars to remove the axel.
Thanks guys. Makes me feel better knowing Im not alone.I do all my own work and dont have a servicce manual. Any links for a free download of service manual?
Thanks, The closest one I found was a 07 700 / 800. Is the 07 the same as my 03 with the exception of fuel injection instead of carb?
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