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I know this is a Polaris forum, but desperate times...

I have 45 days to come up with a bunch of money needed for my divorce so I am selling everything I can related to the sport. These shocks are for my KQ500 that I sold a couple weeks back.

I have a full set of the Elka Stage 1 shocks built before the latest cost cutting measures. These are tough units that are freshly serviced and ready to go. In addition, I have extra springs for them to extend their capabilities to a wide number of riding styles and weights. The springs are (2) each main springs F 4.0 by 200 F 4.5 by 200 F 5.1 by 200 F 5.4 by 200 and 2 each “upper springs” F 5.4 by 52 f 9.4 by 45. This range of springs should accommodate a rider from around 180 to 280lbs. I have pics of all of them.

I also have a new set of works shocks for the KQ, 100 miles on them.

Either set $435 shipped each.
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