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Big Gun Duals installed.
Finally sounds as a 1000cc should.
Install went flawless without removing one single item except the stock exhaust. Directions tell you to remove seat, rear fenders, and rear storage compartment.
No need to remove all those items.

Removal of stock:
- Remove left side springs from can and connector pipe
- Remove left can from hangers
- Loosen the clamp on the connector pipe where it connects to the right can
- Twist and turn the connector pipe while pulling until it pops off (might help to spray this connection with PB Blaster before you get started depending on the age/mileage of your machine)
- Remove right springs from can and header pipe
- Remove right can from hangers

Install Big Gun:
Note - You will reuse the oem gasket from right can where it connects to the header pipe
- Slide the BG connector pipe back through where the stock one came out of
- Slide left BG can onto the connector pipe and place in stock hangers
- Connect BG supplied springs to connector pipe and BG left can
- Slide connector pipe into the right can while placing the right can in the hangers all while making sure the right can slides over the stock header and gasket
- Place the BG supplied springs on the right can
- Align/position the exhaust until you are satisfied and tighten the BG supplied exhaust clamp connecting the connector pipe and BG right can.


Incredibly easy install for the mildly mechanically inclined individual.
May have been a 40 minute install, would have gone faster had I taken my own advice and sprayed the clamp with PB Blaster.


1,512 Posts
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Revised the original post to include dashed bullets as all the commas made it a hard read.


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