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Hi kids, father-in-law has a 1996 Magnum 6x6. I believe he put a new drive belt and then parked it for a year or two. I am trying to get it going again for him.
I pulled the clutch cover and it was packed SOLID with mouse house!
Cleaned out, the clutch (belt) will not slip at idle, brakes will kill the motor.
I see that there is not enough slack in the belt and bought a set of clutch shims. The belt looks brand new and has the lettering oriented for easy reading.

No matter how loose I set the belt, it will not slip properly. I took the driven clutch sleeves apart and polished the top (outer) faces with a scotchbrite pad in a drill motor. I ran at idle without the belt and used a strip of emery cloth to clean up the center shaft and inner faces of the drive sheaves. Still no joy.

Clutch alignment looks good to the eye. Belt is riding evenly in the driven clutch. And as far as loose, I have tried with even three inches of play!

At this point I don't know what I am trying to solve. Should the belt be slipping in the drive or driven clutch? Is there an adjustment to the drive clutch I should be doing?

Both clutches expand and contract fine, it accelerates up and down the driveway like it should, just won't idle in any gear.

Please, happy to try any suggestions. On the lighter side, I am really good at snap rings now!
Thanks, David
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