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El Dorado National Forest

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I'm Thinking of planning a weekend trip to El Dorado national forest.

Anyone been to a mountain lake that you can camp/fish?

I know some people that just got some property on the George town side.

Would like to start from there.

Any Suggestion would be appreciated
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Hope to check out El Dorado area this summer myself. You can download trail maps here. I put some on a flash drive and brought them to Kinkos to print out full map size. Only a few $$. Turned out nice. With these you can get an idea of what trails are ATV accessible. Anywhere in the National forest is open to camping as long as it's not private property. Also, you'll need a fire permit for a campfire if allowed at the time of your trip. Get yours here from the comfort of your home. I'm itching to go myself. Enough rain already!
Eldorado National Forest update:

42 routes have been closed for now because they cross meadows. Know which ones before you go. You don't need a ticket, or give them an excuse to keep them closed. Good jeep trails on the list too.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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