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So.. long story short, I tried to install a new set of Tusk hand warmers on my 02 700 and I think I shorted something out because my single headlight turned itself off and I cant seem to get it to turn back on.. I've taken the bulb out of it and it looks ok, but Im going to replace it anyways just to be safe..

I tried tying the hand warmer into the cigarette adapter positive but there wasnt enough screw so I couldnt fit my connector on it. Maybe I'll just splice into that positive wire.

Anywho, my question is what else could be wrong with that headlight? I checked all the breaker switches and they are all getting good 12V power and all the other lights are functioning. Would a bad ground cause just the headlight to go out? and if so, where is the ground to just the headlight? thanks guys!

The Gee
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