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Electrical issue

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2016 Sportsman 570 EPS. Posted earlier about the bike cutting off at random times; replaced fuel pump assembly but did not fix the problem. Today I started it and at idle it cut off. Turned key to start and dash went dead - no power. Wiggled red battery cable and it started, but something sparked. Spark was low and could be seen under bike. Turned it off and dash went dead again. Wiggled positive cable and dash turned on. Started again and the red battery cable (the ring that attaches to battery post) started to glow for about 4 seconds, but bike started. The cable is not loose, everything is tight. Could it be a short or a frayed wire touching metal? Or something else?
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If you don't find where your positive wire is rubbing and shorting out, you may want to get 911 on standby, and don't park it in your garage until it's fixed.
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