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Hey guy's
I purchased a 2000 trailblazer for $550 for my daughter, it did not have a battery well I found out it did not have the on/off start/ head light switch on the handle bars as well and I needed to get it to electric start for my daughter.
the wiring was hacked up so I purchased a switch and wire harness , new battery and starter solenoid and starter off ebay because everything was shot.
I re wired the quad and it did not have any spark, I found that the dual black wire plug coming out of the harness that plugs into the ground set up for the CDI box if I unplugged it then it would start but now it will not shut off and when it is plugged in I do not get any spark, I had to wire up a temp on/off switch for it until I figure it out.
I do have a repair manual and it looks like the dual black wire may plug into some type of sensor or a ground ? it looks like a spark plug in the manuals wire diagram but when I ran the different wire harness there was nothing special that I had to plug a ground wire to.
What am I missing or could the handle bar switch I bought be bad ?
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