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16 guys 4 days 620 miles just fast trail riding no mud no water
4 side by sides
Polaris razor 900, no problems 2 guys riding
new can am 1000 commander no problems
can am 800 side by side No problem 2 guys riding
Arctic cat wildcat 400 miles something lose in muffler, broken steering joint
10 ATV's
new 850 xp eps no problem
older 500 sportsman Key switch acting goffy but made whole trip, tire leak (slimmed it)
renegade 800 no problems
outlander 650 1 bulb burnt out and complained about a sqeal (belt)
outlander 1000 driver complained, real hot on right leg heat coming from engine
outlander 800 seal on rear end popped out lost all fluid,(don't know how much damage yet drove it a long time with no oil)
arctic cat 550 H1 400 miles lost power over the 4 days and starting hammering and then oil on gorund bad deal, (fighting with cat for new motor, there where rocks in the clutch housing cat said somebody put them in there and they took out seals and wrecked motor)
Yamaha grizzly no problems
Yamaha warrior bent rim (slimmed it and kept going) ran out of gas 3 times
Polaris 550 touring no problems

racing this is the order they finished on gravel and then on tar from rolling start
850 xp clutch kit
1000 outlander bigger tires
800 renegade
1000 commander
800 outlander
800 can am side by side
Polaris razor 900
Arctic Cat 1000 wildcat
650 can am it was fast
Polaris 550 touring
700 grizzly what a slug
Yamaha warrior
500 sportsman
and last Arctic cat 550 HI (what a piece of shit)

the most MPH 850 XP 77 MPH speedo GPS 75 MPH
the Can ams must be governed at 70 mph because that is what they all did

seemed the fastest but wasn't commander 1000 things a riot on the trail
1000 out lander that thing can lift them wheels when ever you want
the 850 xp the guys said quiet, smooth and the power don't quit
crazy fun to drive the renegade 800 drifting the corners fun fun
comfort 850 xp hand warmers and little windshield and hand guards, cold day
un comfort yamie warrior,
destroyed the trail yammie grizzly (had these big ripper tires) made no sence
gas gussler warrior and 500 sportsman both carburators and under HP'ed
best gas mileage toss between the 550 touring and 650 can am 23 ,24, mpg
the best Sound hands down the razor 900 stock exhaust
worst sound yammie grizzly sounded like a tweety bird

rides I would buy
850 xp yes
1000 comander yes fun to rip around
1000 outlander yes
800 renegade yes but get to muddy
razor 900 yes
can am 800 side by side yes
wildcat no no and another no
grizzly no to much like a dinosaur
550 touring Polaris yes but not for me the 2 up thing
warrior give it some HP and take 20 years off of me ya for a toy
Arctic 550 H1 even if it would not have blown up NO to old school, little tires

the cool, wild look sitting there and comin down the trail Wildcat all the way

PS after we are back Arctic will not stand behind the rock in clutch area he turned it into Ins. and they covered it under Vandalism
The wildcat owner traded for Can Am Maverick (102 hp) this thing will rip

we do this trip every year we all used to ride Polaris but as you can see times are a changing
we are all good friends form the same area, all the trail riding and racing is all in fun and believe me it is allot of crazy talk at the end of the night when the cocktails come out and then we start all over again the next day



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16 guys? 4 days? Man talk about sausage fest! You need some lady riders!

Good review on the machines tho!

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IT's like helmets, no helmet, stay home
wanna bring your wife, don't bring your helmet either, same outcome

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IT's like helmets, no helmet, stay home
wanna bring your wife, don't bring your helmet either, same outcome
Lol, I like that!!

Rather be riding, instead I'm using Tapatalk

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Sounds like a great trip Indy. Would love to do something like that. Personally I can last at least 4 days without the nagging and bitching of errrrr uhhhm, I mean without my date.
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