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so i got my 27 kenda executioners last week and have had the oppotunity to ride this tires is all sorts of riding conditions. i thought i would let everyone know what i thought of them.
By far the best mud tire i've rode on so far.
slight vibrations on pavement....i see about 5 mins each way to the trails/swamp on pavement. I was actually very pleased with the way these tires felt on the cement. quite comfortable for a tire with such a large and rock hard lug.
On the trail... i was still very happy, tire felt grippy and handled turns well at a slow speed or at the higher speeds.
now to the things people care about. i rode these tires in soupy mud, thick mud, clay mud. no matter what type of mud these tires kept pulling me forward. i found they performed best at a slow to medium wheel speed. i did get stuck once, but it was after i had already went through the hole and destroyed it lol. i found that on rock is when the tire was its least comfortable. i wouldn't recommend these tires for climbing and riding in rocky terrain. climbing logs was one thing i didn't really get a good chance to explore. any of the smaller logs that i did climb over, the tire perfromed excellent.
there is no doubt when i say that this tires home is in the mud, but perfromed very well in almost all riding conditions.

I would totally recommend this tire to anyone. if there is something you would like to know about the tire let me know or a condition i didn't ride it, i'll try my best to find it and go on thru.

ride hard, play safe.
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