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I have a 2004.5 Sportsman 700 - I picked it up with the engine tore apart and missing many items. I have rebuilt the engine and mostly back together.
Starter solenoid wiring was disconnected.

I have large red cable to battery from top post.
Large red cable to starter from other top post.
Small short wire red I think going to white strip prob. to start switch on small terminal.
Brown with screw terminal coming from harness-ground/solenoid mounting bolt I assume?

This is where I am lost it is a red wire from harness it has a short blue splice on it with a terminal for a screw? I thought it may be a fuse-able link?
The last person may have spliced the blue pc on it.

I do have the service manual with wiring diagram. But not seeing it I guess...

Can someone help and send me a pic of there solenoid with the wires on it.

thanks alot
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