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Fairlead Extension Question for plow

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I just installed a Moose plow onto my 2008 500 sportsman HO. My ATV has the polaris brush guard and the winch cable rubs against it when it is attached to the plow. Where can I find a 3 inch extension for my Fairlead? A three inch extension should provide the clearance but I did not see this accessory at Polaris. Any help would be appreciated.
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First off, welcome to the board!
You will likely have to make your own fairlead extension out of some 3" channel iron so that the load is spread out over a larger area.
might better to weld a plate on the brush guard and mount the fairlead to it. either way.
Give the guys a call or an email at Custom Splice.com

They are now carrying different fairleads and maybe they have a strong enough extension for you.
I found an easy solution...Remove the brushguard in the winter! 4 bolts, 10 minutes!

It's a shame that I should have to do that though. I may attempt to modify the brush guard in the future to get it to move out further allowing the cable to go behind it. Most people I have talked to caution about moving the fairlead out risking damage from the additional leverage that will create.

Thanks for all the responses.
thats what i did. rather than deal with the bumper in the way. and try to build something. i just removed the bumper for winter plowing. 4 bolts. easy to do.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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