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Hey y'all. I've decided to tackle yet another project abandoned by someone else (think the wife is really going to bury me with one of my projects sooner or later.....lol). I really get satisfaction of bringing something back to life that others have failed and/or given up on. Anything from cars, to mowers, to quads, to boats, you name it. If it has an engine, I'll tackle it. I never claim to be an expert at anything, but teach myself how to fix damn near everything. Anyhow, why am I on a Polaris forum?

I took off of someone's hands a 1990 Trail Boss 350L 4x4 and for the low low price of $FREE.99

It had been sitting outdoors for over 5 years. I've been tinkering with it off/on for about 7 months now in between other projects,moving, back surgery.....been a busy year. I'm finally near completion of at least making it usable. It runs now, electrically everything functions (except the indicator advisory lights) & brakes. I'm down to either sourcing the special U-seal tool to be able to put the piston back into the Master Cylinder (earlier type) or bite the bullet and buy the newer Master Cylinder unit for a hefty price.

Alright, that's about it I reckon.

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