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I have a 00 scrambler 4x4 and have had nothing but trouble with the fwd! Not sure where to start.

So this is what I have done so far. Last season before I put it away I pulled all the hub bearings and cleaned everything out. I was told to pack the bearings then fill with atf fluid. I used the f style atf. So from that point I went for a little ride. It was stuck in fwd. So I put it in the garage for the winter.

This season I pulled it apart again. I read some posts that said sometimes the armiture plates if worn can cause problems. So I replaced both sides. I recleaned all the bearings in rulvent to remove all grease. When putting it back together I didn't repack the bearings. My old man said the atf is all that's needed. I filled to 3 o'clock then turned to 4 o'clock until it stopped dripping. Torqued to 14 lbs. Now only the right side stays engaged. And the left side does nothing.

So then I started looking at the wiring. I checked the ohms of the hub magnetic coil. I got 25.9 ohms on both coils. Just because there within spec doesn't mean its working properly right? So then I realized the awd light doesn't come on. I took the awd switch apart. Started checking for voltage. Figured out it wasn't grounded. So I hooked up a temporary ground. Light now comes on but doesn't turn off.

So now the right hub stay engaged all the time. When I unplug the coils under the "hood" it disengages! So that's where I'm at.

Now if you can understand all of that what should I try next.
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