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Knuckle head is name calling? I must be a real asshole as I have referred to some people much more disrespectful than knuckle head. If being a knuckle head offends you, then you don't want to get on my bad side.

Fuel injection on recreational vehicles is technology run amok - why don't we have fuel injection on lawn mowers and chainsaws? Because it's overly complicated and unnecessary. If you only wanted to run at a single speed or did not care about instant throttle response you could control the vehicle with a water faucet for air control and a needle valve for fuel control, but for a change in engine speed or power, both valves would have to be adjusted somewhat simultaneously.

An electrical engineer cannot repair or resurrect a failed ECM with simple hand hand tools (unless his name is MacGyver), but the adept redneck can gravity feed a carburetor if a vacuum fuel pump fails to get out of a hairy situation. A broken throttle cable can be operated by hand, but a servo motor on the side of a throttle body cannot not be operated if the throttle control on the handlebar is damaged.

I don't have a 'smart' phone, a car or truck with out a key switch for starting or a fuel injected motorcycle or ATV. I did remove the fuel injection from a Chinese scooter and replaced it with a carburetor to eliminate a problem the factory technicians could not remedy.

If you think you need EFI or just can't live without it, then you will have to learn how to service it yourself if there is no supporting service department near you. Here is an OEM Polaris Digital Wrench diagnostic tool with laptop and access to updates for a little over $1700 on Ebay - getting it is one thing, getting the training to use it is another.

Maybe you should consider investing a couple million dollars to become a Polaris dealer. Do you think the other 7 owners in your neighborhood will spend enough each month just to pay the utility bills? How much profit do you have to make to pay the insurance, taxes, facility maintenance and have enough left over to pay yourself and recover the investment? And what would you do when Polaris Dealer Development personnel inform you that your franchise agreement was to sell 20 new units each month and you only sold 20 in a year. They rescind the franchise, seize all tools and inventory and leave you with a million dollar debt still owed on the binding franchise agreement.

Good luck!
You are a knuckle head stuck in the dark ages... LOL! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
Fuel injection was the greatest thing they ever did for our toys. Lawn mowers and chain saws, ect. I agree 100%, not necessary. I ride between 4,400' (Moab), up to well over 12,000' here in the Colorado Rockies. I live at a little over 5,300'. It's just not possible to jet a carb. to work properly throughout that range. EFI is extremely reliable, and pretty much zero maintenance. Plus, in this day and age, how many people out riding these days would have any clue how to make anything run if it didn't start when they turn the key, carburetor or fuel injection??? o_O The number of us left that can still MacGyver our way out of situations is growing smaller by the day...
Thanks for the help you give our members. (y)

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I forgot to mention, I'm 70 years old and have a bad attitude :poop:
Lmbo, I did read your signature... 50yrs exp doesn't come from 30yr olds. ;-)
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