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fuel line pinch clamps falling apart - common ?

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I wen through my new-to-me 500HO with 400 miles on it, spark plug, oil, filter, kn air filere, tranny fluid change, and then fule filetr change. essentially all the pinch clamps from the carb to both sides of the fule shut off busted in 2 when i pinch them. All replaced with SS screw clamps. Is this a common thing?
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You don't indicate what year your machine is, but yes, those clamps do break. Not uncommon on older machines. They are the cheapest way to make a clamp for low pressure applications and they do break. One advantage of them is they take up less room than a worm drive clamp and you don't have to get a screwdriver into a tough location to tighten them. You can get replacements or at least I used to see them at Farm and Fleet.
Oh,sorry, its a 2010. Clamps looked fine, were not corroded or anything, just all snapped into 2
I am not sure they are even spring steel, maybe just formed mild steel. Doesn't take to many flexes and they break. Even the heat, moisture and vibration of normal use of the machine can cause them to fail. Some can last year after year, and others don't last long at all.
I didnt mind replacing them all with SS screw clamps. The clamp on the line at the carb was already busted. One less thing to worry about on the backwoods
Mine is a 2004 and they all snapped or twisted and wouldn't come off. I'm putting on worm clamps.
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