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Fuel Pump Relay 2016 Sportsman 570 Fixed

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Just a heads up if this can help someone. Last winter when out on the ice the fuel pump would not buzz or cycle so unit wasn't starting. Turns out there is a known problem with the fuel pump relay that it will fail when getting too cold or maybe just wet with condensation. Swapped the fuel pump relay with the tail light relay and fuel pump worked. I now have 2 spares. One I keep in my coat pocket where it would be warm should it happen again. Pretty crazy stuff. Could be the difference between life and death in the wrong situation in North Dakota.... Hope this help someone.
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I have no idea if that's what I bought or not.
Under the front hood in the fuse panel. The panel cover will tell you which one it is.
Thanks Vet, I very much appreciate it. I bought 2 spares on Ebay and will keep them on hand. I ended up pulling the sportsman 570 to a garage to warm it up. 2 hours later, turned on the ignition heard the fuel pump start, and It fired right up. Thanks again. JB
You're welcome
1 - 4 of 9 Posts