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Hello there! I just purchased my first Scrambler, a 2001 Polaris Scrambler 500cc 4x4 concentric drive. It needed a few things including tires. I got some aftermarket rims and tires and i knew that my scrambler had a 1" difference in tire size so i found a set on craigslist and got them! Turns out they came off a scrambler and were 1" in difference in size.

Turns out it was 1" in the wrong direction. Originally there was 22x11x10 on the rear and 23x7x10 on the front. The tires I bought were 26x8x12 on the rear and 25x12x12 in the front. Thats +4" in the rear and +3" in the front. I went with the taller tires for more ground clearance and better traction.

My question is do i need to change the rear sprockets to match the original ratio? or since it has the CVT system and drive shaft front drive compared to dual chain drive will it be ok?

I only intend to run the 4x4 in the slop, not on hard or dry ground so it shouldnt be a issue, i just dont want to break something when the need for 4x4 arises. Also with this tire combo will the clutch need changed? The one on it now is pretty worn out.
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