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So I posted in the scrambler forum but got no response but its a engine problem so I thought id post here.
I got a 2005 Scrambler its in rough shape but I love projects. Prev owner hit a rock so it needs a control arm, outer cv & a tire & no spark. He also said he had a problem with the fan not cutting in so he wired it to the headlights so when he turned them on the fan would cut in, that's when it was still running. Then it lost spark so he bought a new ecm bit it still didn't have spark then he gave up on it now I have it.
I had a spare cdi & put it one & it fired right up ran great. Let it warm up & fan cut in but rad hoses cold??? Tried a thermostat but same thing. Removed water pump cover & found it was full of oil & the impeller wasn't turning.
Pulled motor out just tore it down & I found the gear on the balance shaft that drives the oil pump was free wheeling??? I was able to remove it with a screw driver. When I removed the balancer the timing marks didnt line up??? That leaves me with the million dollar question. I know the gears on the balancer are pressed on & shouldn't be able to remove with a screw driver but why didn't it vibrate when running? I know the marks are out on the balancer because I lined up the marks & the balancer what hit the connecting rod. Has anyone seen this????? I also found a bunch of aluminum on the top of the head & in the crank case but cant find where it came from. The motor has been apart before I thing they may have done something wrong.
So my questions are these, why did the gears move on the balance shaft & the motor not vibrate? Also Any idea where the aluminum came from?
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