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I have some electrical issues on my 2016 sportsman 570 I can't resolve (brakes + headlights on will blow light fuse) so I am going to plan B - I want to build a relay/switch and mount on pod (like a light bar) and have it run headlights and taillights on one independent switch using one of the keyed orange/white accessory wires. All the lights work, so I figure I will cut the wires to the lights, behind the plugs, and wire them to a new harness. Any issue with this?
I was going to skip the headlights/taillights altogether run a harness for an LED lightbar for the front, and small red LEDs as rear running lights, but I figure I might as well use what's there. No brake lights either way, but no big deal there.

Does anybody sell the factory plugs for the lights, other than quad logic? They want too much money. I will cut the stocks if I have to, but if I could get new ones I would leave stock harness in tact.
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