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HELP! No info on plow for 04 sportsman 700 EFI

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I have the opportunity to get this quad for a great deal. But I need it to plow. But there is very little info on what plow it will take and how to mount it. The Polaris dealer was no help.
I would hate to buy the thing just to find out it’a impossible to get a plow on it.

many experience with this?
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KFI has what you need available
The website has no detail on installing. Is this easy to do? Surprising that I can find almost no info on these installs.
it has a 2” receiver on the front. Is there plows that can mount to that?
I do not know - I have only installed two plows in 40 years of being in business - they are just not in demand in my locale.
Check Eagle plows by American Manufacturing.
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