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Hey everyone! So I just bought a new trailblazer 250 used from some guy. Im not sure about the year yet, I still have to go check the VIN tonight. I just want to know where I could grab some things!

I need a new body kit, I cant seem to find one ANYWHERE! If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Also I need to know what the # of the air filter is, so I can go pick a new one up. I looked on the filter and couldn't seem to find it anywhere.

Also I would LOVE to know what will give my 250 some more speed and power with minor CHEAP upgrades! I'm not looking to put thousands of dollars or even hundreds to make this thing nice, I just want it to run okay, so one day I can trade it off for a 4x4!

Also what kind of battery does it take? I need a new one.

Thanks for all the help in advanced! I love that someone came up with a Polaris ATV Forum!

Send any replies to here: [email protected]
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