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How do I change front wheel bearings?

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I have a 96 polaris 425 4x4 magnum. Just got from my wife's uncle. Appears it needs new front wheel bearings. Haven't been able to find an exploded view to look at yet. I am thinking of getting a manual for it but have yet to order one. Any how one has definite play in it that can be seen when pushing/pulling on by hand. Any tips or tricks to do this properly would be appreciated. Thank you all.
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You can look up your model here...
And check Youtube, there are a ton of videos on there about doing quad repairs.
Thank you. This is exactly what I had in mind.
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fyi there are 4 sets of bearings on each front side. 2 for the wheel hub and 2 for the axle(strut bearings). i guess if your gona need 2 you might as well replace all 4 but if your on a budget, make sure you know which set you need; wheel bearings or strut bearings. and they dont get greased
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