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I am about to change all the fluids in my 2000 Sportsman 500 and my service manual says to remove the front fenders to change the fluid in the hubs, front diff, and coolant. Is it necessary? I'm assuming it will make it easier to fill with new fluids. I'm doing it all tomorrow and am just curious if it is necessary or if y'all have any shortcuts to avoid having to remove all those body pieces (Plastic is original and I just know I will accidentally break at least one piece).

And just to add for others benefits I am using these fluids and filters as per the manual:

AGL for Trans/Rear diff (same unit)
Angle Drive Fluid for front diff
Demand Drive Plus for hubs (since clutches are in the hubs, not front diff)
Dot 3 for brakes
Synthetic PS4 Plus engine oil
Polaris Pure Part #3084963 oil filter
Polaris Pure Part #7080595 air filter
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