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I have a Quadzilla XLC 500 which I believe has the same engine as the Predator.

I have had the head gasket replaced as it blew and also needed to get 1 or 2 valves reseated, the water pump seal has also been replaced and the quad is now all back together and runs perfect apart from pre-ignition.

I took it for a ride and within 3 miles the Temp light flashed. After removing the thermostat I have not noticed the temp light flash again. I have drained and flushed the radiator, checked the water pump is working by removing the radiator cap and can see its pumping water fine. The spark on the plug looks good and so does the colour and I am also running it on Premium Unleaded as advised in the manual.

I called Quadzilla and they said it must be a fueling issue.

As running lean can cause pre-ignition I adjusted the needle to run as rich as I could then took it for a 10 mile ride and still the engine is pinging. I added half bottle CVL turbo octane booster which is suppose to prevent pre-ignition but still no luck.

Has anybody ever had the same issue?
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