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I live in the SF Bay Area and am thinking of a road trip to Hungry Valley. I ride a Sportsman 500 and my teenage son rides a dirtbike. I've read this is a great area to explore, with lots of easy to intermediate trails. We usually go to Hollister Hills, but this would be the first time to Hungry Valley.

My question is, what is the best time to go there? The weather is one consideration, but the other one is the crowd. I'd really like to avoid the idiots. We ride pretty conservatively, and show courtesy on the trails. I always pull to the right when I see somebody coming up behind me, and generally just want to ride at my own pace and be left alone. I understand that, for many, much of the fun is letting out all the stops. I have no problem with that, but I prefer they leave a little room between themselves and those of us who still have our stops in place.

I feel a lot more relaxed when I don't see folks doing wheelies on sport quads through the camp areas, stopping in the middle of trails, etc. I also hear that, unlike Hollister, most of the trails are 2-way.

So would you avoid this place on weekends? Holidays - like Spring break? What about during the summer? We would spend a couple of days there.

Thanks in advance.

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