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I got a 2000 Polaris magnum 500 4x4 from a neighbor and it had been siting for a while and I got it running and when I go over 25 mph it pulls to the left and the front left wheel has enough negative camber to be rubbing on the strut a little.

Is the reason it pulls to the left because the tire is rubbing on the strut and it is just slowing it down but what could cause this?
Is it the ball joint or the wheel bearing, I'm am not hearing any noises when I ride it for me to think that it could be the wheel bearing so idk for sure what it could be. I would just take it apart a find out but it is at the lake and I'm going down there on Friday and I want to fix it and I can't get parts for it at the lake or I would just do that. The lower front a arm bushings are really worn out so could that cause negative camber and make it pull to the left also? Thanks in advanced

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