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Here is the info from last years 2009 850 EPS XP, in reguards to The 2009s OEM cast wheels and tires vs the Hipers and Bh1 'that are on my 09' 850 now.

Here are those Hiper wheel specs.

Front Hiper 4/2 offset in a 4-156 Polaris bolt pattern

Actual offset with the tire mounted is 4.5/3.25
Weight with 26/9/14 Bighorn mounted on it is 36.5 Lbs.

Rear Hiper 5/2 offset in a 4-156 Polaris bolt pattern

Actual offset with tires mounted is 5.25/3.0
Weight with 26/11/14 Bighorn on it is 41.2 Lbs.

For comparison:

12" ITP type 7 rim

with 26/9/12 tires = 31.2 Lbs.
With 26/12/12 tires = 39.0 Lbs.

Even when using carbon fiber Hipers, 14" wheels and tires just weigh more than the more traditional 12" ATV setups.

Here are the OEM wheel and tire specs

Front OEM Wheels and tires

Weight = 30.25 Lbs

Size = 14" X 6"

Offset = 5/1

Rear OEM Wheels and Tires

Weight = 35.7 Lbs

Size = 14" x 8"

Offset = 7/1

Actuall measured tire Hights.

OEM tires

Front 26/8/14 actual measured hight = 25"

Rear 26/10/14 actual measured hight = 25"


Front 26/9/14 actual measured hight = 26.5"

Rear 26/11/14 actual measured hight = 26.5"


Measured Change in Track width from OEM setup to Hiper setup
+ 3"

OEM measures 47" Maximum width at the tires and at the outer fenders

Hipers measure 50" Maximum width at the tires.

Note now that the 09 has some age on it, and several extras added to it, the suspension has setteled some and its closer to 52" wide, where when I was collecting the data it was new and had no accessories added yet.

Also note: That the OE Steel wheels I am going with are in both case front and rear, are about 2#s each lighter then the OE cast alluminum Wheels

I have been collecting more XP Wheel and Tire Data Today. Since I am wanting to run a stock offset on the 2010, I have sellected the Black steel rims. These may scratch and may bend, but from some the recent post of the 14 cast wheels getting busted, I figure the steel wheels are the best bet for mainting them with the occasional touch up with some gloss krylon, and also less likely to strand me up on a mountain miles form the truck. This was something that very much concerned me when I bought the 09 850, and I went with the Hiper carbon fiber double beadlocks. Which have held up to many, many, many rock hits this past year without leaving a mark on them. That said they do widen the machine out a little, not that the wider track bothers me any on the trail, but for transport its a little to wide to set next to other machines on my trailer.

This trailer is 100"s wide, so my 09 with hipers at over 50"s wide makes it a trailer hog so to speak. So I want to keep the 2010 under 50"s so it can fit next to other machines that are also under 50"s wide.

This is the Polaris rear steel wheel I am going with

This is the Polaris front Steel wheel that I am going with.

Here is the 26/9/14 BH 1's front That I am going with.

Here is the 26/11/14 BH1' rear tire I am going with.

Here they are Mounted on the black OE steel rims.

For comparison, this set of Polaris steel Rims has the OE tires on them.


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I wish someone would come out with a decent looking wheel in the OEM offset for the XP. I just don't want the thing to be any wider then it already is. I guess I can keep dreaming and maybe it will come true.:thinking:

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Last time I checked with ITP (last week). They had no plans on making a wheel just for the XP.

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That does not surprise me. I can see there point in a way why make a special wheel for only one make and model. I wonder if there is a custom wheel maker that would make them? Probably way more money then I would want to spend. I cannot go any wider because we are limited on space in our toy hauler width wise. The wifes 400 HO and my 850 XP fit pretty good but the wife wants a 550XP and that is going to be tight even with stock width.
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