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Hi All,

On my 02 Sportsman 700, the instrument cluster doesn't seem to be fully working.

When I first turn it on, I get a large "E" to the left (where the gear setting is shown) and a smaller "DAEA" along the bottom.

This then turns to the (and correct) gear setting to the left, and "99999" along the bottom.

I've searched extensively on the forum and went through the manual.

I went into the diagnostic mode, and this is where I'm worried.

Once in, I could scroll through the diagnostics and see battery voltage, RPM and oil pressure.

The first two were working and changed as I reved the machine, but the oil pressure didn't have a reading.

The questions are:

Is there any way to further test or reset the instrument cluster?

Should it be showing me oil pressure in diagnostic mode?

How else can I check the oil pressure, and what is likely to cause it to be low?

Could really use some help with this guys.

I was going to go for a bigger ride on the beach and trails tomorrow, but am too worried now until I get this sorted.

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Talking to myself here, as you guys will be in bed.

Found another thread on ATV frontier, where a guy had a problem with the pressure relief valve.

First thing I learned was that there is no oil sender on an 02 700 engine, and it is a redundant function in the instrument diagnostic.

As this machine has had a seal done on the pump housing, I want to inspect this PRV.

Apparently, it will give trouble if the dowel is installed backwards.

In the thread, the guy was told that if it wouldn't come out with a magnet, it was stuck.

And thats what I've got. It wont come out.

He went on to say that it cost him 400 bucks for the stealer to dismantle the pump and push it out from the inside.

Question is:

Could I leave the spring out, put the plug back in and fire the engine for a minute, in the hope that it'll pop the dowel out?

And where is the blind plug (1/8" NPT) that they refer to in the manual, as the place to hook up your oil pressure guage?

I'm determined to test it and even install a guage permanently, so I don't have to worry about it.

Would really appreciate some advice, as I'd hate to blow her up.
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