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Well, after shopping around (about 6 different phone calls) I accepted the fact it would cost as much to insure my quad as it would my car. No shit.

I couldn't do it. Especially with so many of you paying such a small amount every year.

Naturally every time I'm towing it, I would start to ulcerate. Watch the occasional youtube ATV Crash Spectacle and I would ulcerate.

Then I saw this one:
Let me tell ya, when I saw the remains, I got to feelin' a little queesy. :puke:

That's it, I'm done ulcerating. I contacted USAA and had them work up a quote for my house, car, and quad. Outstanding. Switched from Allstate and now I'm ulcer days are behind me.
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Trailer is $46 and covered by the truck insurance but its not covered when it is sitting in my yard and gets stolen And im not sure actually if the trailer is covered by truck insurance if it's parked in the woods behind my truck if its stolen and not the truck
About 25 years ago, my buddy had his quad stolen from his yard. He normally would park it in his garage, but he left it out with the key in it. Next day it was gone. Made out a police report and they asked him about his insurance provider. He thought it would be covered under the home owner's policy. After the insurance company got a copy of the police report, they did not agree with his belief. I don't think he had it a full year. The authorities never recovered it.
Colorado, Enclave, Terrain, 570 and trailer all on Progressive.
1 - 2 of 136 Posts
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