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Well, after shopping around (about 6 different phone calls) I accepted the fact it would cost as much to insure my quad as it would my car. No shit.

I couldn't do it. Especially with so many of you paying such a small amount every year.

Naturally every time I'm towing it, I would start to ulcerate. Watch the occasional youtube ATV Crash Spectacle and I would ulcerate.

Then I saw this one:
Let me tell ya, when I saw the remains, I got to feelin' a little queesy. :puke:

That's it, I'm done ulcerating. I contacted USAA and had them work up a quote for my house, car, and quad. Outstanding. Switched from Allstate and now I'm ulcer days are behind me.
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Everyone I checked with wanted about 1200 per year. I have an excellent driving record, just don't understand why it cost so much. Especially when I see so many others with low rates.

With USAA, I be paying about 500 for the year, fully covered. I can pay that without getting pissed off, it's a lot closer to reasonable.
SEE? Those are good rates.

But I sure as heck couldn't get them. The only thing I can think of is maybe it's a regional thing.
A big part of it is your region, I pay a little under $50 a month/$600 a year for full coverage through progressive. I asked my agent why we pay more for the same insurance down here and he said it has a lot to do with the amount of ATV thefts in my area.
Yup, that's pretty much what I am paying. And we are probably in the same region, I bet.

Duse, about 25 years ago I had a car stolen. It was found stripped to the bone. I had about 600 bucks worth of tools in the trunk. The auto insurance wouldn't cover the tools. The home owner's insurance payed me a pittance; About $100 dollars if my memory serves. I was young and needed the money.

Theft is half the reason I got the insurance.
i pay just under $200 a year for full coverage on 2 atvs and that is with a $100 deductible on each, bumping my coverage up and adding $4000 in aftermarket accessories coverage. had i went with the $500 deductible, less coverage and only the $1000 aftermarket accessory coverage that the policy automatically came with, i believe it was down around $125 per year. this is through allstate however i think the whole rate thing is a sham as i've priced with progressive and was given a quote of $1200 a year and that didn't include the lower deductible, higher coverage and aftermarket accessory coverage. i have a clean driving record and excellent credit yet my buddy who has crappy credit and a DUI on his record pays 1/3rd of what i was quoted through progressive and that is for both his sportsman 850 and his rzr1K. i don't quite fathom why i was quoted so high for a company that claims to have the lowest rates. when shopping around for insurance, there were several places that were quoting insane rates yet i've seen people on forums talking of their low rates compared to the companies that gave me reasonable to very good rates.
And that is WAY upside-down. I thought maybe the high cost was because of greater displacement. But in some cases, I've seen some with lower displacement costing more than higher displacement. Makes no sense.:kater:

Guess to some extent they use a "Common Core" method to arrive at the figures they quote some of us.
1 - 5 of 136 Posts
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