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Well, after shopping around (about 6 different phone calls) I accepted the fact it would cost as much to insure my quad as it would my car. No shit.

I couldn't do it. Especially with so many of you paying such a small amount every year.

Naturally every time I'm towing it, I would start to ulcerate. Watch the occasional youtube ATV Crash Spectacle and I would ulcerate.

Then I saw this one:
Let me tell ya, when I saw the remains, I got to feelin' a little queesy. :puke:

That's it, I'm done ulcerating. I contacted USAA and had them work up a quote for my house, car, and quad. Outstanding. Switched from Allstate and now I'm ulcer days are behind me.
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My powersports policy is $240/year through progressive.
Full coverage on the 570
Collision only on my street bike and grizzly.
I sold my street bike a few months back.
When I went to remove it from the policy, the premium was going to increase! Not sure how that works. Remove a vehicle and it gets more expensive??
I left it on.

Then, I recently bought an 850 and sold my grizzly.

I made all the changes the other day. Remove the vmax, remove the grizzly, add the 850. Policy went up about $21/year
Total is $162/year for a 2015 570 and 2020 850
No trailer coverage
$500 in safety apparel
Physical damager option= actual cash value
Bodily Inury and property damager = 15K/person, 30k/accident, 5K/accident
No uninsured coverage
No underinsured coverage
5K pedestrian protection
No medical payments
No enhanced injury
$500 deductible on comprehensive and collision coverage
No roadside assist
No carried contents
$3K accessory coverage
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1 - 2 of 136 Posts
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