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Well, after shopping around (about 6 different phone calls) I accepted the fact it would cost as much to insure my quad as it would my car. No shit.

I couldn't do it. Especially with so many of you paying such a small amount every year.

Naturally every time I'm towing it, I would start to ulcerate. Watch the occasional youtube ATV Crash Spectacle and I would ulcerate.

Then I saw this one:
Let me tell ya, when I saw the remains, I got to feelin' a little queesy. :puke:

That's it, I'm done ulcerating. I contacted USAA and had them work up a quote for my house, car, and quad. Outstanding. Switched from Allstate and now I'm ulcer days are behind me.
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I got a quote from Markel for full coverage 50,000 injury and 500 deductible and it was 131.00 for the year. I called All State who I have home/vehicles with. They were 120 for the year and 100k injury and 250.00 deductible, double the coverage half the deductible. I would have saved $7.00 a year if I went with a $500.00 deductible instead of $250.00 LOL. I was expecting them to be a lot higher. When I had my snowmobile with All State years ago it was 380.00 a year.
One company told me that in the case of a vehicle that is capable of having an auto insurance policy will not be covered by your homeowners if you choose not to have an auto policy on it. Not sure if that is the standard or just the company I was talking to.
Another thing I learned from my current policy (All State) is when I asked them if my trailer and contents were covered by my insurance policy. They said if it is not connected to a vehicle it is not covered. So if you are in a crash and it becomes disconnected at any time during the crash you are not covered. Or if something happens while it is parked somewhere while you are on a ride. Just another excuse for them to get you to purchase more insurance.
1 - 3 of 136 Posts
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