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Well, after shopping around (about 6 different phone calls) I accepted the fact it would cost as much to insure my quad as it would my car. No shit.

I couldn't do it. Especially with so many of you paying such a small amount every year.

Naturally every time I'm towing it, I would start to ulcerate. Watch the occasional youtube ATV Crash Spectacle and I would ulcerate.

Then I saw this one:
Let me tell ya, when I saw the remains, I got to feelin' a little queesy. :puke:

That's it, I'm done ulcerating. I contacted USAA and had them work up a quote for my house, car, and quad. Outstanding. Switched from Allstate and now I'm ulcer days are behind me.
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The 800 is self insured for falling into the water. Two 40 gal drums for flotation.
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I pay 650 totaled 2021 now got 850 HL
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Your insurance quote has now been logged into the queue and the next available forum member will answer you shortly. You will be given more advice than you could hope for.

The real shortage in this country is common sense.

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Get Insurance its cheap compared to your loss
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