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Just bought a 2004 Predator. I've had it out a few times getting to know it. Went and did an oil change today and I think it was way filthier than it should have been. The guy I bought it from said he only ran about one gas tank since the last oil change, and I ran about 2.

Decided that I may as well look over the whole machine. Found a couple loose bolts. Found 2 missing bolts. Opened up the air box........ What the F!...... the box and filter weren't sealed and it was dirtier on the carb side..... and it looks like it was like that for awhile. I wish I would have known that before I bought. Too late now. But it still starts better than my brand new 850 and runs perfect, so I'm hoping there isn't too much damage done. Probably why the oil was so dirty.

Anyhow, reason for the thread. Upon inspecting where the air leak was I can see that the air box itself is bowed. So I'm looking to completely scrap the entire intake and add an after market.

What brands do you suggest?
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